airpods pro fake review

Airpods pro fake review

Package Include:
1 x pair earphones
1 x charger case
1 x charge cable
1 x retail box
1 x manual
1 x charge cable
1 x retail box
1 x manual

Best fake airpods pro on dhgate review


Even though airpods pro is the most popular true-wireless earbuds on the market. But the $200 dollars price is not so approachable. So is there some more affordable alternative to AirPods Pro? It is undoubtedly a good idea to buy a dupe product that is similar in appearance, experience, operation, and even sound effects at half or even a quarter of the price. A very friendly option for people on a low budget.

With the rise of short video media such as tiktok, the number of fake airpods pro flowing into the United States has actually been continuously increasing.
In 2019, the estimated sales of the dupe version of AirPods in the United States for the whole year were only about 3.3 million U.S. dollars.


Many digital bloggers have already reviewed fake AirPods Pro . In addition to the appearance, the packaging of the fake AirPods is also very similar to the genuine AirPods Pro.

Manuals, data cables, as long as they are in the genuine product, they are copied in place 1:1.
More importantly, when this gadget is connected to the iPhone, it can really pop up the Bluetooth connection interface just like the original one.


After the connection is successful, the new AirPods animation and various prompts will appear on the iPhone. Even, the dupe AirPods 3 also realized the spatial audio function on the genuine product.

1.Does the appearance of Huaqiangbei’s airpods Pro look like real one?

Answer: It looks very charming! whether it is packaging, plastic packaging, earphones and original shells, earphone metal mesh, it does not feels cheap at all, and it feels great!

2.What use does dupe look like? Does the function meet my needs as well?

Answer: SO, to be honest, ear detection, name change, positioning, percussion, demagnetization, pop-up windows are all available. It is definitely the brightest one in this one. The pop-up window speed is faster than original, and the sound quality should be able to get pregnant with ears. Maybe I am not very sensitive to this side, you are welcome to leave a comment if you have used it.

3.Can the Android system work?

Answer: There is no problem, but Android has no pop-up window function and no siri function.


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