lululemon dupes review

Lululemon dupes

Only lululemon can be comfortable, the material is breathable, and the skin feels perfect. It feels like nothing but can support you. align is the kind that really discovers a new world.

Lululemon dupes on dhgate REVIEW

In just a few years, the ranking of the global sportswear market has changed. The “dark horse” lululemon from Canada has replaced Under Armour as the third most watched sports brand and continues to grow.

For the middle class in many first-tier cities, a pair of lululemon yoga pants, like a Dyson hair dryer, is a sign of status and lifestyle.


Lululemon yoga pants insist on selling expensive and not discounted. On the one hand, it is due to the strong demand for yoga pants and leggings in the market. With the normalization of the Athleisure trend in recent years, for young people today, yoga pants and leggings have become part of their daily clothing.


For the Y generation, leggings are a symbol of lifestyle, representing health and vitality, rather than daily work clothes, but for the younger generation Z, leggings are a basic item like jeans.


But yoga pants are yoga pants. Except for the brand premium itself, a more reasonable price is what I am more concerned about as an ordinary consumer.

Lululemon is good, but dupes is also fine to me.

Compared with the price of 98 US dollars, I would rather buy 3 or even 4 for the same pricef for a dupe one. Come as my daily exercise choice, not just a logo for taking pictures.


With the same material, the same color, the same logo, and a lower price, I found the perfect Lululemon dupe on dhgate. It only costs 23 US dollars. If you buy more, there is even a lower price. With 7000 sales and nearly a thousand reviews, most people have the same ideas as mine, and are subdued by his quality and price.

katro****ils17 said:”I was so impressed with these, they look perfect and exactly like my other aligns. They feel like butter and fit perfect packaging came with branded tags and everything. I will be buying again. Came very quick as well”

and 15863****9424 also comment as”Thee dupes are awesome! It did take a month to get here but they are exact replicas and have the logos. They are more like the wunder under material then align. They come with tags but they aren’t the same as the real ones. Definitely ordering again!”

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