Dupe Yeezy slide REVIEW

Dupe Yeezy slide REVIEW

In short, Fake Yeezy slide dupe from Dhgate is the most comfortable and cheapest Adidas Yeezy slide I have ever experienced, and it is very durable.


I especially want to share with you my recent harvest: Fake Yeezy slide dupe from Dhgate is the best fake yeezy slide I bought. The price of this slide dupe from Dhgate is only 35 dollars. This fake is much better than the original one that can’t be bought for more than 100 dollars.
Adidas Yeezy Slide is a joint sports slippers released in December 2019.

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It was priced at $55 at the time. I heard that it was the cheapest Yeezy, so it instantly became popular all over the Internet. However, this caused Yeezy slide to be sold out as soon as it was released.
Now this slippers has become a 100% premium product, and it is difficult for consumers to buy it. However, in real life, I have seen many people wearing this online celebrity slippers.
Sure enough, I saw a lot of recommendations from bloggers on major social platforms. I chose a merchant and bought a pair of fake Yeezy slide dupe in bone.
After 3 weeks of waiting, I received a shoe box that looked different. Compared with Yeezy’s other series, the shoe box of slipper is smaller. Indeed, slippers do not need a large box. The shoe box is marked with “Yeezy Slide” and “Made by Adidas”.


Inside the shoe box is a wrapped in paper, and there is also a product tag. This slipper is not a casual series, but a sports series. Fake Yeezy slide dupe has 5 colors: bone, green resin, desert sand, earth brown and core. I bought is bone. The color of it is indeed a bit like the color of bones.
The shoe shape of this slipper is very special. fake Yeezy slide dupe feature just two components – an inflexible, modlded upper and a serrated sole – but have been designed to resemble a once-piece shoe, similar to the Yeezy Foam Runner. There is an arc at the end of it.

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The groove design, there are two protrusions inside the shoes, respectively, to provide support for the toes and the arch of the foot. There is also the Adidas logo on the heel of it.

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The sole of this slipper is very different from ordinary slippers. Ordinary slippers are not so thick, and the sole pattern will not have such deep grooves. After measurement, the sole thickness of it is almost 4 cm. It can be said that this slide is a pair of slippers with a heightening effect. The sole of slide is foam-like, very soft and comfortable to wear. The material of slide is relatively round and smooth, and it feels like the texture of skin. It is worn on the feet, it looks like there will be a strong contrast feeling, because the Fake Yeezy slide dupe is very wide, so the feet appear small.

This eye-catching effect may be the design concept Kanye West hopes to show. The two slippers of Fake Yeezy slide dupe have the soles facing each other, and the grooves can fit tightly like a zipper, which is very convenient for storage. In short, Fake Yeezy slide dupe from Dhgate is the most comfortable and cheapest Adidas Yeezy slide I have ever experienced, and it is very durable.

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