Replica Air Jordan 1

Replica Air Jordan 1

The initial version of the first generation of AJ1. It is the hottest among all versions of AJ1. The shoe has classic nine shoe holes and color matching.

Do you like Air jordan 1?

The young people reached an agreement on buying fakes.

Young consumers have very similar preferences for fakes. The most popular fakes are clothing, shoes and accessories.

Why do everyone love to buy fakes? One of the most obvious reasons is “expensive”. Most people said that they bought fakes because they couldn’t afford the lifestyle they wanted to have. If fakes are made too well, they will make people want to buy them. The products and packaging are almost the same as the original ones.

air jordan 1

Sneakers are one of the most popular types of fakes. Nike is probably the most fraudulent one.

Many popular Nike shoes have been imitated, and Air Jordan 1s is one of them.

Jordan 1 Retro High OG

Fake shoes are also classified. Compared with those of poor quality and color difference, some sellers just imitate the appearance of the shoes.On the DHgate website, there are very good fake shoes from the most sophisticated factories in the world.

Whether it is production, packaging, and the foot feelings, ans this fake Air Jordan 1s is almost the same as the original product.


This Air Jordan 1s is a company-level, the highest reduction fakes that can be seen on the market. It is almost made according to the craftsmanship of real shoes, but not made by the shoe manufacturer.

Jordan 1 Retro High OG

“Great dupe! I have a pair of real Air Jordan 1s and the only big difference is these ones are lighter. I have never seen the brown pair in person but these do have a brown suede material it just may not be as dramatic as the authentic ones according to other reviews. Overall great quality and shoe!! But according to your European size and they are true to size! It took about 3 weeks to receive the shoes.!”

“Honestly really good for fakes. The suede on the dark mocha’s isn’t there but you can’t tell from a distance. So as long as someone isn’t on their hands and knees eyeballing your shoes, you can’t tell they’re fake Air Jordan 1s. . It took about 3 weeks but that’s not bad at all. The shipping was also updated frequently so that’s a plus.”

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